Monday, July 7, 2008

Some Inspirations

Hello, People!

I know, It's been a while. I had both boys here in June and the computer was occupied most of the time. I didn't have the heart to tear them off. But, while that was going on, I created some new ideas. I felt that I was lacking in many ideas. I browse around the web and see all this varied merchandise. Here, I have decided to make a bit of a larger notepad. This notepad is sized 4.25" x 5.5". I have asked some friends and they say that this size is a great size to use for a note.
I have tried to vary the uses for these pads a bit. I drew some florals
and added names. But below of, what I believe to be, a missed market - notepads with a purpose. Using fruit on the bottom of a dietitian's note pad. Why not?

Below, I used a pretty red tulip I drew, and since it's got that separated feel to it, I chose this sort of typewriter font to go with it. You would have your choice of fonts, of course, on the website.

Here, this soft single flower is floating in the middle of the notepad. When I go to the stores, I see images all over the notepads, so I decided that I would try one out with an image in the center; light enough to write over.

Below is a sweet drawing of a china coffee cup ready to start a day with a note nearby. I love this font. As I look at this cup image now, I see that I drew it and placed it for lefties! Ha! I can turn that around in a pinch. As a matter of fact, I think I will off either way on the website! I love the soft feel of this entire notepad. Great for a co-worker's big day, whatever that happens to be.

Following, is a series of funky little ditties I love to draw. I think I have always doodled things like this on my school note papers and inside notebooks as well. These images don't mean anything, but I believe they are a fun and different way of expressing myself and passing it on to you!

A grouping of funky flowers!

I threw in a Greek name!

Suspended doodles are always fun and unexpected. Oh my! That's how I like to think of myself...

This has royalty written in the image. A little crown that is inspired by a great book I got back in the 80's for Early American Designs. Those images in that book have given me many, many ideas and can be seen on the website under Early American Note Cards

Ok...I simply adore this design. I have a good friend who travels the world with her part time flight attendant job. I thought of her when I made this notepad. Great for any traveler with a family to leave instructions to the baby-sitter!

And now there is a Sleep Over Party Invitation to match. Fantastic to make the above quarter-sized sheet notepads for party favors for the overnight party! Girls just love this stuff. By the way, I drew the luggage (it looks like mine minus the vibrant colors!) and painted it electronically. You won't see me doing that too often. My cousin has taught me a few things..all the way in Turkey!

I found grapes in that Early American Designs book, too. I have been sneaking them into my EA name art note cards for ages. I love the little hint of purple you get in these cards. Anyhow, I thought to go along with the more purposeful notepads, I would have fun with the grapes idea. Now that I think about it, I need more recipe card ideas and the grapes just might make their way onto a recipe card! Although I know there are not a lot of wineries around, this is fun for those young people who've decided to make their own wine. Don't laugh, it's how it all starts!

Onto bridal ideas. I am not sure if these invitations would or will be well received by brides, but I see so many bridal things out there that are stuffy and same ol', same ol'. This notepad is a little different. I painted the heart with India Ink..and I personally think it's sort of sexy looking. Great for a newlywed's gift.

Below are examples of the direction I am going with lightening up wedding showers. After all, they are showers and are supposed to be delightful for the bride to celebrate her upcoming union to her main man. Little hugs and kisses with polka dots and the O's sport a matching bow tie. Sweet. Hey, it's a marriage of fun and formal... who knew?

The Engagement Party Flat Card Invitation can be color modified to suit your wedding colors. Try out this delicious blue and black combo. The groom will dig it, too!

Here is an example of Early American Design into the name art. The grapes are strategically placed in the W in the word shower, and also two clusters frame the bottom of the invite. This is a larger format of 5" x 7". I felt it warranted a larger sized invitation. Don't you?

Anyone planning a Halloween Party? This flat Trick or Treat Invitation is inspired by the colors of the fall season. The stripes on the word treat mimic candy corn candy pieces. The black polka dots and the spiky outline on the word trick are a real treat to me! Note the pumpkin as the o in the word or. The bats are courtesy of clip art.

Below are some new note cards I designed. The folding card just below was, believe it or not, inspired by one of "Miranda's" dresses in the new movie "Sex And The City." I don't care much for her, but I loved that black and white number she donned as they all walked down the street early on in the movie. Black and white is always in.. and for that matter a great bridesmaid's gift as well.

Yes, the pear again! I will probably wind up making an apple, an orange and a kiwi or something to make a set of fruited note cards. But for now, all I have is this pear...hand-drawn and hand-painted.
Great font as well "paired"with this quirky illustration.

I know this is a lot of new items, but I had to do something while I was spending my June days filled with children home from school.
Below is an example of a larger sized business card I am designing for a terrific repeat customer. Because this customer's kids are getting an early lesson in becoming entrepreneurs in the pet sitting service industry, they came up with the paw print idea and the modernly used pink and brown color scheme. Perfect for these younger girls, and it made a darling card to pass out to neighbors and friends. A great start for a well thought out business!

Finally, below are some old designs incorporated into new ideas. On the left, a flat baby shower invitation. The Y in BABY has a rattle. I like the green background on both of these items. On the right is a new folded personalized note card. The pink flower and the bright chartreuse background remind me of my old room growing up with all of it's pink and green flowers on a white background. I am also reminded somewhat of all the strong, bold, bright Merimekko graphics when I was growing up. I loved all that. I have some new flowers designed by computer as well along those lines, to come!
Stay tuned!

A quick update our standard poodle, Rommel.
I guess this dog will grace our humble home for what seems a long time! I don't know if it was the medications he was on or his simple will to be amongst us that has made him so much stronger. Maybe it was all your heartfelt love many of you passed on to us.. In any event, we still carry him up the stairs to the house, although he can fly down them with the greatest of ease to chase after the squirrels hanging out in and under the "bird" feeder right outside our front door, or to go investigate our next door neighbor's new adopted stray on their back deck. "Where's the kitty?" we ask him excitedly. He could stand there for an hour waiting for it to make an appearance. Hilarious Dog!
I will never give up on that dog. He's a real force of peace in our home.

Peace Out

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katydiddy said...

Wow! You've been creating tons! I just figured out Photoshop-finally-and am coming out with some new designs for my cards. Same illustrations, just a different presentation.