Monday, July 28, 2008

To Monogram or not to Monogram...

Hello, People!
Here are some new ideas SooBoo Designs has come up with.
I recently got back into my rubber stamps. I have come to love cows in my time here in North Carolina. Although I love the Holsteins, I totally fallen in love with these beige and cream colored cows as well. I drive by a favorite piece of land where they congregate and
"are having a meeting!"

as my son said when he was younger passing a boat load under a tree before a big rain that we
observed driving by. It was something I'll never forget.

So, I thought this was a riot titling
this creative notepad,
"my utter list"

This is a shower that will be going on in my vicinity.
Another stamp..this one by New Media.
I have discovered how to easily color with my Photoshop.
When the design is this small, it's nice to have an optional way to color
since my eyes become weaker and weaker.

Thinking lately that the SooBoo Designs website doesn't have enough
for little boys and big boys, I started to think that sports are not
prevalent in my site, so I came up with this baseball notepad. I will get
started with a football design as well. The background in blue
of the baseball is with watercolor. Everything else is computerized.

A close up of the baseball. On the website, you are asked to
enter your team colors and your monogram letter.
I just love these circular monograms.
Playing with Illustrator is tons of fun. The colors here are so Lilly Pulitzer!
Precious and so feminine and are the colors of my bedroom growing up!

I have a request to try and incorporate LP colors into my name art.
This customer is suggesting that I put turtles and such into the name art.
I will get around to it, just trying to figure it out in my head first!
In the meantime, I am using these colors to get in the LP mode!

You have an option to add your personal information at the bottom of these

A detailed view.

The use of bright vibrant colors has always been a love of mine. Here, I use Red and golden yellow. A great contrasting color combination!

A detailed view of the red and golden yellow with asterisks around the circle!

I started playing with these circles because I am trying to keep up with what is current
on the market these days. When someone see's these things online at one site, it catches
on in a big way. I don't want to miss out on any sales simply because I might be limiting
my art on my website. Versatility is a virtue!

Below is a detailed view. I love brown and pink.. and brown and blue as well!
This font is just too much. It's delightfully different and chunky.

Below is the monogram in action on the personalized monogrammed notepad.
Again, you have the option online to add your information at the bottom..even
if it's just your email address!

This is the first monogram design I made of the bunch. If you can believe it,
the dashes around the circle are this particular font's equal sign! Isn't that wild?
I added these little equal signs in a line at the bottom picking up all the
colors of the monogram itself!

Another detailed view.
The colors are tremendous and bi-gender as well.

Customers have the option of offering their own color combination on

Please pass on these delicious ideas to your friends and family! These notepads, by the way, are either 4.25" x 5.5" (Medium sized) or 5.5" x 8.5" (Large notepad). Go to then click on Personalized Notepads then click on medium sized notepads. You'll see related items then. Thanks Everyone! You're the Greatest Peace Out Susie

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