Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bridging the Generations!

I just had to post this morning to show everyone this new blog which was sent to me by my beautiful friend, Marianne, who's daughter has developed an amazing and inspiring blog of her own. The passion of this 18 year old is beyond her years...she has started an organization called Bridging the Generations in which she has begun a computer class at the local retirement home in her California area. Her students are varied. She learns from them as much as they learn from her...sometimes more so. It's very comforting to know there are young adults out there these days who show a complete passion for the elderly. Nice to know, because I'm not getting any younger! It's unusual how this phenomenal girl, Carrie, couples patience with passion to understand what we all can learn from our elders. It all reminds me of how we need to keep up with our communications with our aging relatives. It's always nice to send a "thinking of you" card. Here a few examples of blank note cards to send on, just in case you're as moved as I was after reading Carrie's Blog. Rock On, Carrie! and thanks from all of us old farts out there for caring as you do.

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