Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thank you, People!

Hello People!
SooBoo Designs truly believes in the designs on the website. I have
decided to add a new format to some of the designs already on the gift tags and some new designs as well. I have been looking at designs online and also in stores and see that a bit of a larger and square format is popular. Therefore, I have incorporated some designs onto 3" x 3" white square coverstock. I love that there is room for the "to". These are personalized which is a huge selling plus. Gifts have been popularized by making so many of them either monogrammed or with the recipients name on the gift. Of course, I specialize in paper products which continues to go with my desire of keeping friends and family in touch more often.

I have found a new "Connector" as he's been deemed by other cousins recently. He is one of my younger cousins who's from Europe who carries the same interest as I in the web. He is way more knowledgeable than I and has a keener sense of what he to accomplish in his career. He has generously helped me to change some things on the sooboo website not long ago of which I appreciate greatly. It could have stopped at that, but I certainly didn't want him to think I was taking advantage of his services. I wrote one day and he responded quickly. We have kept the emails coming on a regular basis, feeding into our Mediterranean culture of love of family. I know he loves to teach and I need to learn, so it's a great reunion and discovery of lives across the world!
Thank you, Cousin. He has a fabulous website of his own called 3rd Element. It contains wonderfully informative, easy to watch and listen tutorials.

So, back to new artistic formats! I have made a couple new holiday designs.
One is happy holidays
and the other is Merry Christmas. I am so crazy about these two new designs. Old wording, funky designs. When ordering, the to and from/love fonts can be decided by you. I simply chose a font which I believe best suits the design. You may also leave off the personalization so the tags may be used by anyone in the family. Whatever you decide, SooBoo gives you options. And that is important these days.

Here are some examples for my fabulous Jewish friends...

Here are some examples for everyday gift tags.. Great for gift giving, or to stock away in your wrapping station for any time usage!

Here is an example of a baby tag and a baby announcement that's new~
Here is an example of a thank you tag. I will be making more of these. Great with a wine bottle!

I recently got an order from a wonderfully creative woman in Los Angeles. She let me know that she is an Event Planner. I was thrilled to make a connection with someone in that field. She works with a woman who has twin girls who are graduating high school and off to different colleges! And guess what? They are both going to colleges I attended! U of A and Indi
ana U! What a small world. When I asked what colors these girls might like to see, she informed me of what brands they wear. From that, I was able to Google the brands to see what's "hip and in" and go from there. It was exciting and a bit of a challenge to decided what colors to use with what girl/school. I believe it turned out well. She also ordered a very popular item, the school's logo / mascot note cards. This customer wrote me when she received the goods and said the girls will love them. Mission accomplished!

I have also had requests to do non-name art luggage/bag tags. One of them I did twice. We decided that the name art might be too immature for this 18 year old young man off to college. Above is the sample with "name art" and below is with computerized font.

The other samples are for a junior row crew team off to their competition in Ohio this week. Best of luck kids! So, as you see, SooBoo is more versatile than what you see on the website. Just contact me and ask if it's possible. Easy!

I'm making a Greek recipe today.. even though we're in the low 100's today ....again!! It's nice for the boys to have a delicious option when they have worked hard in the pool all day with their friends! I'm making Greek Chicken with Orzo in tomato sauce and chicken broth. It's out of this world~! Want the recipe? Just ask.

Remember, people, your family is always there to help you and your friends are always there to listen. Start your summer out right by taking care of your loved ones by giving them vessels with which to communicate.. SooBoo paper products! Do it! And pass the word!

Thanks to all my customers! Each one is a delight!


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