Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Items to Show Off

Ok, People! I finally started some invitations before it was too late! These new July 4th SooBoo Designs Invitations are really crisp and fun and get your guests in the mood!

This invitation above is a fill in the blank flat card. The who when where and rsvp are outlined in blue and the core letters are red. It's really cute. When an artist can take advantage of color, then we must! These invites are a larger 5" x 7" size but can be made into the smaller 4.25" x 5.5". They come with white envelopes.

Above is the corresponding "Save the Date" card for the July 4th get together! It's got a white envelope and measures 6.5" x 3.125 and also comes with a white envelope! These are really a great item..

Above is a party favor tag. It's a clever idea to add these to your party list. stick them on sparkler boxes and hand them out when it gets dark to the kiddies and the big kids, too!

These two, above and below are also party favor tags. SooBoo Designs can match them to your outrageous invitations! They come in sets of 20 ... the same quantity as the invitations and save the date cards!
Below, another take on the fill-in-the-blank invitations. I love this flag incorporated into the words! The lettering is outlined in blue!

I love plaid and so it seems others do also... so instead of the humdrum plaids you see when they are computerized, I made my own and made 3 different hue variations of them. I added existing calling cards from past orders to make them into personalized note cards! I plan on making them calling card size, too. I hope to get a lot of takers on these unique creatures~

Ok.. just wanted to show off the latest and greatest on the SooBoo site before Dean and I leave for the Honors Band Concert tomorrow am.. I forgot to start the washer, so i thought this a great time to catch up on the blog.
Oh yes, THANKS to JODY for her great order yesterday for 19, yes 19 large notepads! It is unfortunate that I will not be here this weekend to finish them, but guess what? I got all but 3 done today! I worked like a maniac and boy, did it feel TERRIFIC! thanks loads, Jody! I know they'll enjoy them on Wednesday.. we should all be that giving..

Oh yes, Rommel update.. What is with this animal? He's so peppy and wants sooooooo badly to run around like Tootsie does.. she runs circles around him and he yelps like crazy wanting to chase after her. Ooops~ gotta go give him the nitetime pills~

Have fun living and thanks for reading...and looking!


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