Friday, May 2, 2008

Fixin' for School

Oh boy! It's been a while since I've had a chance to write and even more so, something to say that might be interesting.
A lot has happened since I last posted a blog. We went to All State Honors Band and I just about cried throughout the entire middle school performance. It was an unforgettable day. The music was astounding and resounding and I could have listened all day to these young people coming together and in two days making these beautiful pieces of music sound professional.
I was so moved, in fact, that I was compelled to write
all three conductors from that day. I let them know my appreciation for what I heard, and to the middle school conductor, a special thanks for doing such a great service to my child and all the other kids in his band. I was especially tickled when i got a short note back from him. In turn, he wrote things which made me feel good. He let me know the clarinet section came eager, prepared and interested and that his joy was greater than all the band's joy put together!. But then he wrote this, "You are a very special person to take the time to write regarding the performance." This is where life can take you, if you take the time to show appreciation for hard work done well. That one line from him allowed me to realize that everyone feels special when you write them a heartfelt thank you. That's all it takes. If I had his address, I would have hand written the note. I might have sent him this freehand note card as it has the feeling of strong wind ensemble music!

I know, I know! You're saying, "I can do that! I did that in grade school!" Yes, you most surely probably did. The difference is, that when I did my black india ink straw blown art, my Mom not only saved it, but years later framed it in a pretty rounded silver frame...yes, special ordered since it was about 20" long and only about 6" or 7" wide. It hung in our finished paneled basement for years. It was a reminder that what I made was lovely and worth framing. So, I thought, I have all these gorgeous inks in my studio.. get out the straw and get to it! I love these straw blown ink drawings. It's not as simple as it looks, try it some time, and if you do, SEND it to someone you love or to someone who did something nice or even wonderful for you in the recent past or long, long ago. Or, just buy mine online!
Recently, my good friend, great customer and all around great MOM of three and her devoted husband, made a very heavy decision. They are sending their eldest child to a private all girls school. My friend is making the best of this and asked for me to come up with, in my SooBoo designing way, special ordered stationery for her daughter. Because of privacy reasons, I will just show the flat note card I came up with displaying the school's name and using the school's colors.

I also made a notepad with the school's name, note cards with her name in wavy stripes, and luggage/bag tags with her name on one side and the schools name on the back to attach to her backpack and maybe even her instrument case. I was so pleased my friend asked me to do this for her. It makes the transition more exciting for all of them and will let her daughter know how thrilling it is to be on her own, creating new best friends and understanding who she is a bit earlier than she anticipated! I am proud to be their friends and am happy that I have a small little talent that she shares for all the world to see!

I just got an order for a Michigan folding note card! When I printed these out, they were even more true to the colors than I thought. The modulations in the ink/watercolor, really make the difference here.

I cannot wait for this Californian to get these! She will be out of her mind excited. I know they'll make the perfect graduation gift.
I just have to show you one item from another order I had recently. All of the items this customer ordered were adorable. She and her daughter chose the colors an
d the SooBoo styles and this is just one of them. It's slated for a luggage/bag tag. These tags have vibrant coordinating grosgrain ribbon attached as well as it coming with a vinyl loop. Another graduation gift!

Aren't these colors just fabulous? It's so bright and fun.

I am off to get notepads glued, purchase more ink and groceries while I'm out.. save gas!
Oh, Rommel is the same. Although, he's getting scabby in places. I read online that one of the meds he's on can cause sores. Wouldn't you know, with his past skin issues, this would catch up with him?

Peace out~


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