Thursday, May 15, 2008

Simple Gifts Whenever...

Hello People!
The days started out as dreary. We were expecting it, yet, I dreaded the rain to come. It started off as an annoying drizzle and then actually turned into somewhat of a lovely day! I finished three orders and have one left to go. I had a couple special orders during this rush of business. One was for baby sitting business cards, and notepads. The business cards were double sided. The fronts were the SooBoo name art with an introduction of names of the three sisters who will be offering their services at the beach where they spend many weeks during the
summer months. We came up with a clever little name together called Sister Sitters. The girls are seasoned baby sitters at ages 14 and 13 and employ their small sister to help out. It was a lot of fun to come up with these beachy themed cards. Yesterday, my neighbor came to our door and introduced herself and handed me a surprise party invitation for her father who lives just doors away. I would have wondered why they didn't order from yours truly, but they had no idea I offer invitation designs..besides, my stuff might not be what they're looking for.. anyway!!!.. We are so pleased to be included in this 50th birthday celebration, yet, I had to come up with a great little gift. You just cannot go empty handed to a 50th birthday party! The prank gifts are the best. I've seen some really great ideas for this sort of party, mostly over the hill items. Well, it just so happens that I have had an over the hill gift tag for quite some time now and so, I put it to work. I worked up a fun notepad utilizing the over the hill sooboo art!
~Here it is~
This notepad measures 5.5" x 8.5" and has 100 smooth white sheets of nice thicker 28lb paper. The pad is being glued as I write this and I will have it in time for Sunday's party! Hope he enjoys the light humor in this SooBoo Notepad. We can't wait to get acquainted with them all and to catch up with neighbors whom we haven't seen in a while!

Another special order I have been working on comes from California. This creative customer came up with an idea for graduation gifts combining SooBoo School Mascot Note Cards and Personalized Diaper Bag Tags! ( I have to use the wording "diaper bag tags" because my search engine optimizer people requested that key phrase!) One side displays the SooBtooo na
me art and the other side is graced with the mascot of the college the recipient will be attending! Great idea, and I am so happy to be able to make this possible. The only thing I regret in uploading these images below is that I can't show the precious coordinating ribbon put through the hole in the lamination! The ribbon really makes these very original and useful when finding your luggage or your back pack! A super buy, too at just $12.00 per two sided hand-drawn bag tag!

These are two examples of the mascots and the name art. Don't you just love love love this Cornell Bear? Great fun, great original gifts. Nobody else will have these!

Here is another name but this tag will be with the name on both sides. I was so scared that this long name would be difficult to read, but the customer chose a simple style which made the name a breeze to recognize!

Also, in keeping with my desire to make sure I remember my family's and friend's birthdays and special days, I rang my childhood friend while in carpool line at school today! SEE, there is time to remember and to recognize special people in your life! All the items above are proof of this.

A mother making sure her daughters are well prepared for business this summer as tweens!
A daughter throwing her father a surprise AND catered 50th birthday bash!
And, another Mom making sure that her daughter's close high school pals remember her well after 12th grade!

I just love when people do nice things for others. This all reminds me of a silly show I watched last night on television called Till Death. It was about the 22 year married couple deciding together that they should not have to celebrate their love for one another on that particular anniversary date.. that they should love each other every day! Well, the wife started buying really super clever thoughtful gifts for the husband and he started getting suspicious and thought he HAD to get her something in return. He couldn't ever swim because of some horrific childhood experience, so he took up swim lessons (that was a comedic skit if I ever saw one) given by his friend. Sure enough, the lessons went south and he quit. But in the end, the husband took his wife to a fancy dinner for two poolside where his lesson took place. The wife was seated in her pretty evening gown while this husband unzipped down to his swim trunks. He dove in, nose plugged and feet first and slapped the water as though he was drowning. She jumped in, lovely dress and all, to save him. He got the hang of it and childishly swam toward her. She couldn't have been more pleased that he did this all for her so they could finally take that scuba trip to Hawaii together and he wouldn't be afraid of the water.

So.. this is what I am talking about. Don't wait for special occasions. Just be nice. If you see a dandelion outside, even if you have the means to purchase a dozen roses, go ahead and simply pick that pretty free yellow flower and give it to your love. Simple ideas are the best ones. There IS something to the saying, "It's the thought that counts."

Peace OUT!

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