Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good Intentions

In keeping with the time of year, I realize that GRADUATION time is upon us. I have a nephew who is graduating this year from DePauw University and am very excited for him. I should practice what I preach (staying in touch!) and get my act together for all that is coming up in my family - 3 birthdays, and above mentioned graduation! Unfortunately, I don't live in the same state as my immediate family. Of course, I have every intention of sending off a card and giving a call, but as the time nears, my intentions seem to be forgotten. I am a bad person. My poor sister's birthday was in February, and I have yet to send her her gift. I get caught up in my own stuff. I need to make more lists...and either not lose them or remember to look at them! It's true, knocking things off a list is very gratifying. My gratification these days seems to come from making new items for my website and entering all the data, which I have mentioned in a prior blog, is painstaking. When I see the SooBoo items up there, though, I am thrilled and wish the best for myself in reaping the benefits of all that was involved in the process to get it on website.

I had a girlfriend mention to me if she could use a gift card/certificate holder for money/check for her monetary graduation gifts? I thought, "Why don't I have some of those money holders on my site?" So, I decided to make some for graduation and some will be coming for the holidays, birthdays, etc... so I INTEND!

I had a great time making a fun invitation for a repeat customer. Her daughter's 10th birthday is to be held at some place called The Bath Junkie. I love that name. Apparently, it's a place where the guests make fragrant soaps, bubble bath stuff, and maybe even lotions! I want to go!

Here is the invitation along with the coordinating party favor tags and personalized thank you
note cards. It was a fun project and I appreciate the repeat business.

Have fun, Sarah! Happy early birthday! These were a joint medium.. my watercolor and computer generated copy and circles.

Sarah's Mom is giving party favors for the girls attending the party and asked that I make matching favor tags! I added green satin ribbon for her to tie onto the favors if need be.
What a super fun idea!

Sarah's Mom was thinking ahead when she asked me to make some thank you note cards as well. In keeping with the tub theme, it was simple to come up with a cute card. I love that she is having her child write thank you notes! I have the HARDEST time getting my son to write them... he always INTENDS on doing it, yet sometimes, well, most times, it takes weeks.

My dog's attitude is much better, but still has those nasty hip and knee issues. As the weather gets lovelier and lovelier here, his desire grows to be outdoors. This means carrying him up those dreaded six stairs to our house when he needs to come inside. Since it was so nice out yesterday, I thought it the perfect time to butcher off his gorgeous coat so he wouldn't pant so much and be more comfortable. I INTENDED to do this, and actually made it happen, seizing the warm weather opportunity. To my surprise, my husband volunteered washing him..outside... after the haircut.. a first for Rommel who seemed to bask ( I just looked up the spelling of bask and was delighted to see that I was correct! But what I loved was the definition; 1. To lie in pleasant warmth. 2. To enjoy something. He basked in royal favor. This was my Rommie... He delighted in the warmth of the sun and as the breeze blew threw his cream and apricot colored long ears, he seemed a glorious royal being. What a dog!

Ok.. my INTENTION for this blog was to introduce you to some more of my designs. I hope that it worked.
Thanks for reading. I hope to be back earlier this coming week, although, my son and I will be traveling on Friday to Winston Salem to bask in the pleasing sounds of clarinets, trumpets, flutes, french horns, saxophones and percussionists for the All State Honors Band.

By the way, I will toot my own son received straight A's once again. That one B (his first) last semester MUST have been a mistake! hee hee

Bask in the joys of life!


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