Sunday, October 12, 2008

a tri-fold money holder
$3.00 per with die cut oval inside to show money or check value
white envelope, too!

Hi People!
Ok... I am not so great with routine. Maybe because I'm a Sagittarius? Free-spirited, need to be outdoors.. well, not sure if that's me or not... so..when I'm sitting at the computer on a Sunday morning, the breeze is speaking to me from the front porch by way of the softly clanging wind chimes, I am inspired to be at peace and write.
This past week has been interesting for me. First of all, I was rushing around, the procrastinator that I am, to get ready for a "home show" or "trunk show" or "showcase" of my items at a good friend's friend's home in a new and lovely suburb of Raleigh. I was delighted packing my car with my wares, showing them off to my ever supportive husband beforehand. It was a very rainy late afternoon and I was worried that the 15 for sure
responders wouldn't bother to show due to the weather. But it cleared as I drove further away from my home and I wasn't so panicked after all.
I arrived at this gorgeous new home to find a table donned in red which was set up for me to place my goods upon. I wish I had taken a picture. It would have been perfect for my blog. The lighting wasn't too hot, so I wasn't sure it would show as well as I would have liked, but in the end it wasnt the light that was the issue, but i think it was the wine. The free-flowing wine. It wound up being more of a social event than a home show. I had some interested parties, but not what I had hoped for. The hostess was fabulous and wonderful and friendly and helpful. I adored her. It was so kind of her to include me in this event of which there was a popular other vendor there as well selling lucite goods and monogrammed luggage and travel accessories.. very nice stuff. My stuff looked homemade (which it is) and boring and lifeless compared. Anyway, I made a few bucks and was delighted with the creative ideas my interested customers came up with. That's what I hope for... personalized.. truly.

There is a blog to which I subscribe called,
The Party Goddess. Well, right now it's so entertaining and funny because she gets spam, I guess, and can't get over who these people are who send this junk to her. Well, she is now in part four of her quest to find out about a puppy in Africa from someone called mr carlson.. who apparently is a she. It's rather hilarious and I get a complete good chuckle from her words. I recommend it highly. The writer of the blog, Marley Majcher is a popular party planner in the L.A. area who has created parties for Hollywood personalities like Katherine Heigl and Spike Lee. She wrote that she was going to be on Fox News on a Saturday morning a while back and included the link to it. I watched with wide eyes and sagging chin and complete jealousy that she was on a national cable news show chatting about the latest party ideas for football tailgating parties. It was fun. I was proud to have some association with her. I comment on her blog on occasion, and one day, after she was worried that her child's pre-school bag was not up to par with all the other kid's bags (she wrote in what I would think was a Sharpie, his name!), I commented to her that she ought to look into my personalized tags, sent the link and wella! she bought from me! It made my day. I hope she's happy with them! I look forward to reading her blog a few times a week. There's nothing like reading about other's lives and comparing them to what's going on in your own. The other thing that's come to me is an email from a sorority sister from years ago. We had a reunion last year, which was about 25 years after we all graduated. It was great. We were able to reconnect as well as we could with 40 girls all clammoring around one another in just a couple days. Well, I heard from one of them through an email a few nights ago. This email was about political issues that are affecting Americans. I couldn't let this one pass.. I had to vocalize the stripes I wear. We've allowed it to go on and on and now I can't wait to hear her response to last nights letter. In this particular forum, I am not adaptable (see previous blog). It's been loads of fun and I appreciate her honesty. I am looking forward to hearing her reasons of why she can trust her candidate, when I have made it obvious, I cannot. I have become somewhat obsessed with that particular question, since it is rarely addressed by her particular party. To be continued...

I'm getting ready for a long weekend in my former summer stomping grounds in the upper penninsula of Michigan. Dad asked me if I wanted to go. I found a great price on a flight and made the reservations to Chicago. You would think that I would take some SooBoo merchandise to give as a thank you gift, but so far,
for gifts, I have shipped some homemade jellies, preserves and jams made by my wonderful neighbor, Sarah. That's with a long first A in her name. It's a Southern thang. I hope they go over well. Everyone loves a good sweet topping to their toast, or ham or bagel, right?

I also want to get a yard sale going here, but I fear I will have to wait until the spring. I have so much stuff to give.. I need to cleanse this house. I have things stashed in every nook and cranny and it's all ready to go. I just have to recall where it's all stashed! Wish me luck

The only thing I have created new are for orders from the home show. I will post new designs a customer has asked me to create. It's her son's names in alternating colors with little footballs in them. One has the SanDiego Chargers colors and the other is the Carolina Panther's colors. Cute stuff. I am going to mess around with them today. They're all sketched out and waiting to be painted. I did do some coupons for the home show for notepads and gift tags. I even bought a guest book at the suggestion of Laura Bray of Katydid Designs,master of elegant whimsey! Thanks, Laura for the tips.

Well, that's about it. I know it's not fancy or intriguing, but it's all I have right now.


webassistance said...

OK, I LOVE the look of your blog. That is my new favorite color combo. And I didn't thank you for the tags for Stanley. He marches all over his little school with them. They are ADORABLE. Go SooBoo! I swear, I will blog about them because the little friends need access. BTW, didn't know you were a Sag! So am I! When's your bday? xo M

katydiddy said...

You are a peach! Thanks for the mention!