Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Boring Excitement

Tri-fold holiday money holder $3.00

Hi People!
It's been a really long long time since I posted here. I'm sorry, although, some of you might be relieved!
I'm remembering when my family and I were traveling through the Iowa plains on one family trip, I recall being in blizzard like conditions and all we could see was snow coming at our windshield at full force in that 3-D sort of feeling. I commented painfully, "This is boring excitement!" That's what my days have felt like in the past month...boring excitement. I seem to have had a lot on my plate. When I'm eating, that's a good thing, but on the things to do life plate, I am always one to get one thing done at a time. I'm not too good at mulit-tasking..or what people call multi-tasking (you can really only do ONE thing, literally, at a time!) Anyhow, here's what's up.

I had some health issues that are all in check now, I'm happy to report. Right after that, my computer took a vacation at Best Buy where we bought the thing in 2005 and it's fortunately under warranty still. The minute after I walked out of the parking lot at BB, a nice lady reported to me, "Did you know your tire is flat?" I just sank my head into the steering and wheel and felt completely sorry for myself. It was bad enough I was sans computer (my livelihood) but another flat tire? We just bought these tires.. to make it worse, the hole was on the rim so I had to get a whole new tire! Let's just say, I had terrible biorhythms that week. To top it off, where I live, the library is open only until 5pm and only on weekdays for me to check my mail. I still can't get over that it's closed on weekends! That's when I would suspect they would have the most customers! Wouldn't you? grrrr ok..

What else? Oh, I, as you can see, got my computer back now. She's hooked up and I get to play again. At least when it was being fixed, I got to clean my house and read all my backlogged magazines that were stacked miles high. Oh yes, the election. Well, I'm sure many of you know that I'm a Republican and backed up the old man and the young woman this year. I even found myself going to the headquarters in our town, donating my time, making calls, handing out flyers, and working outside the polling place in the rain on that fateful Tuesday. It wasn't a total "wash" though. We got our local Representative to keep his job and a new judge in who's only the 2nd republican judge sitting in our county now. It was fun. I felt very strongly about this election and was terribly disappointed in the outcome nationally, yet, I am terribly curious to see how Obama will wiggle his way through of all this stuff he's inherited. In my opinion, he seems to go in the direction the wind blows. So.. one thing I know for sure, he can't blame the Republicans now that they are the majority in the House and Senate. OH!! and the other thing is that I went to grade school and high school with Rahm Emanuel.. the new Chief of Staff for BO! My old girlfriend and I concur; every time we see him televised, we chuckle. I think my husband is sick of hearing me say, "Hey, I went to school with that guy!"
(Above) Rahm in 7th grade.. whodathunkit?

Rahm in his all his high school senior year afro glory! Go 1977!

Okay now.. is that not the funniest thing ever? I just had to do it. Hopefully, I won't get in trouble by the Obama camp. I'll take that risk. I had forgotten he was a dancer.. but as I look through our old yearbooks, I see that he was in soccer and fencing and I recall him being an actor in a few high school productions as well! (I was a member of Stage Crew my senior year) Something we ought to keep in mind. I must say, though, my recollection of him was nothing but a really nice guy.. although, that's not what his reputation is now in politics! hmm.

I was reminded, as I looked on my webiste, that Halloween is done and gone (we only got about 15 little guests this year) and so I had better do some website clean up
. Everyone, please, check it out and see if you need anything. The big holiday is right around the corner.. I still can't believe it! I really do love the tri-fold money holders. It's so easy to give money, and we all know that right now, that is the greatest gift to give. (Thanks, Chinsea for your order!!) At least the gas prices have gone way down...I saw as low as $1.97 per gallon of regular. What? My husband and I would have bet our lives on never seeing anything under $3 again in our remaining lifetime!!

I also traveled to my old summer stomping grounds in Traverse City, Michigan last month. I was welcomed by my cousin, Fran, who's a huge U
of Michigan fan.. so I made her a little something I sent to her recently to thank her for taking such great care of me during my stay. Here it is.

I have come to realize that these make the perfect hostess gifts! There are 12 to a clear box and cost $22.00. I added her name in the sooboo black inline style.. and used the good ol' Michigan colors to fill the name in.They're even more adorable in person. With Fran being such a fan, I couldn't see how I could go wrong with these Mascot/Logo note cards!

And the last bit of boring excitement news is that I am going to try my hand at! It's new launched and I like what it said.. it's a community where artisans can sell their hand-made items online. I got a deal for $7 per month to put up unlimited images to see for as long as I have the account! Although I was having one minor issue with signing up, Jessica at ArtFire helped me out faithfully and with great promise to make this work for me. I've been blogging while she's been fixing my small initial issue. When I'm done here, I'm going to go fill up my literal and then figural plate (is figural a word?) and get going on this exciting, NOT boring, new project!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! There is plenty, in these uncertain times, to be thankful for.. #1, our kids. #2 our health. #3 our family's love.
Enjoy all your boring excitement this holiday season and be careful out there!



mayfair710 said...

i am SO happy your health scare was nothing serious susie. you know you were constantly in our thoughts and we were so relieved when you called with the good news!

great pics of Rahm! i would never know it was him and both pics made us laugh. now, my question is...where are pics of YOU from that same yearbook??? there MUST be some, hmmmm?

the artfire thing looks great and your lil store will do well i am sure. i joined and will get something up and running in the near future i time allows...

it was wonderful to see you a couple weeks ago, even though our time together was far too short. you made my november special! wish you could be here for thanksgiving, but you will one of the things i am thankful for!

love love,

Susie said...

Thanks for everything, my dear friend, Marianne in Michigan!

katydiddy said...


It's been one of those years for everyone! I've had a bunch of challenges as well & am looking forward to starting fresh today.

Those team logos items would be great for Superbowl parties. Do you do the NFL?

Here's to a prosperous and happy new year!

Susie said...

Laura.. I have 2 NFL bag tags.. for a mother to give to her two sports fans boys. But I did just footballs with the teams colors. That's what the Mom wanted. She and kids love them! Well, now i have a reason to blog again.