Monday, September 29, 2008

Falling It

October is around the corner. I'm beginning to get my act together...finally! I found myself spring cleaning yesterday after I saw the clock say 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon and all I had accomplished was walking the poochies and dicing potatoes for a nice side for the families breakfast. (I just had a few bites!) and purging unmentionables from my dresser drawers! Anyway, as we have all experienced and learned along the way, omitting clutter is a cleansing thing. Mostly, though, I emit clutter. Polar opposites. I long to be one of those clean artists. One who abides by the "touch once" rule. I'm a Sagittarius, I am not good with rules. I don't know about you all, but I can handle only one room at a a time. Same with the business; I need to get one card done, one bag tag done, one design done.. no assembly line for me in my studio..or apparently in my for dinner. Adapting is good. I think growing up in a four season state is a good thing. You must adapt to the weather, the different clothes for that weather and the different personalities that emerge during those changes in weather!
SooBoo Designs is adaptable with your personalized orders. If th
e end product is for a person with high energy, the SooBoo style can go right along with that. Maybe the fun & funky style would be perfect. Maybe it's for a young boy... so a spike style or blended colors would be appropriate. I can add different things to the backs of diaper/luggage/bag tags like fish, flowers or frogs. I can add so many different things for boys, girls, men or women. That is the beauty of these designs; they're adaptable. And that's what personalizing really is. It's well, I just went to my college thesaurus (ooo! I spelled it right!) and I found these words synonymous with "personal."
Individualistic, defined, singular, and distinct to name a few. My delightfully optimistic Californian friend, Marianne, reminded me of how people liked to hear their own name. Here is the quote from Dale Carnegie.

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Don't forget this when looking for a gift. SooBoo Designs brings you a bunch of fun, vibrant and appealing selections from which to choose.

Recently, an adorable girl wrote me and asked if I could do something pirate like for a bachelorette party. I thought that was something I will never do again and of course, I said, "Yes!" She had something particular in mind, so with that, we came up with this.

I had started creating one which was totally different; one without the place to place map feeling. I knew it wasn't what she was looking for, so we talked some more and I adapted to her desires for this little invitation and it worked. We were both happy with the results. Another client needed some calling cards for her recently graduated son. He's into the Rastafarian thing, so she suggested incorporating the colors they use into the calling cards. This is what happened.

I know these are not in typical SooBoo form, but a business must conform to what it's public desires. I really enjoy graphics, especially placement of graphics vs. copy. For some reason, I've always been drawn to that and enjoy piecing these together to make the best visual.

This landscaping business has apparently been in business for many years...without a business card! I was so pleased that they chose me to create their first business card. Who knew? Tom & Mar... you must give these out to potential customers. Conform to the norm!

Ok... as many of you know, I went off to Austin, Texas on of all days, September 11! I know! Our other girlfriend and I decided that was the day we were going to travel. As it turns out, it was great. Even though it was the weekend of the great Hurricane IKE, Austin didn't get a drop of rain. We could not have asked for better weather. At the same time, we were worried about our Houston friends, who got hit pretty hard and turns out, were out of power for way over a week, yet were safe!
Anyhow, my hostess with the mostess girlfriend, whom I deemed "Queen" during our last days in college, got this medium sized notepad made especially for her by me, of course! Could this be any cuter? It's terribly apropos because, HER word is the ONLY word. Trust me!

So, you can see for yourself what can be done if you become creative. Imagine, just one of your ideas might evolve into an invitation, calling card, luggage tag, personalized notepad or personalized note card!
The fun holidays are creeping up on us! If you're interested in having some fun with friends and family this season but don't see what you had your eye on, email or call me . My name is Susie, aka
SooBoo and I'm adaptable.

or call the number on the home page of

Sometimes we all need to stop and think, "What can I do to adapt to this situation?"
see you soon!


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katydiddy said...

Looks like you have been busy! Great new artwork-you always seem to be able to come up with unique, custom ideas for your clients. Great job.