Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hi People!
I just sent on my blog to many a person. I have just hooked up my one week gone hard drive and am so happy to be back. More on that later..
I happened to look at a comment I received in my blog and she told me that the Theta symbol was the kite, NOT the arrow, which is Pi Phi's symbol. Not only that, I used the black and gold Kappa Alpha Theta colors for the Pi Phi Arrow! So, I am going to leave it on there and change it as soon as I can.. the colors, the everything.. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Ok.. No new art since my computer issues, but I have to say, once you've been with your computer for so long and then it's ripped away, well, I had to take it to the Geek Squad, it's horrible. I was not a happy camper for quite a few days. My husband told me to call Best Buy to ask if it's ready yet after one week and it was. They were supposed to call, but I believe made up the story that the last digit in my phone number was incorrect, even though it was fine on the digital printout they sent me off with!. It had been ready for two days. The lesson: Don't trust the Geeks to call you!

Ok.. just wanted to say I'm sorry for the mis-symbol for those particular sororities.


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Mary Ann said...

Glad you got your computer back. I couldn't imagine doing without mine for an entire week.