Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Waste Not

Hello People!
Ugh.. does anyone ever have issues like I do with your computers? I got some virus in my computer yesterday and it was a real all day effort to get it working again. I shouldn't complain, I didn't have to take it to the Geek Squad or anything like that! The issue was one virus called XPAntivirus and I'm actually a little scared to even write in on the computer for fear it might recollect itself and attack me again! It's all good now, though.

Ok... I have a good friend here who's daughter is going off to private school.. high school. All the kids have to do 20 hours of community service which is wonderful they aren't waiting for these kids to hit senior year to do that. The daughter has always wanted her community to be stronger, or even existent, with recycling.. so I was enlisted to create a new logo for this project, on which, I am very delighted to get started! Here are the ideas. If you would like to vote, please shoot me an email or leave a comment if you're a blogger as well. I would love to hear your opinions. Her project is called Waste Not Recycling Project.

This has prompted me to recycle. I was an avid recycler in my former life, er.. my "northerner" life. When I first came to our little town in North Carolina, I found it almost unbearable to throw out plastic bottles, newspapers, glass, and aluminum cans in the regular trash. Since it is not cost effective, they say, to pick up curbside, as in populated areas in the country, we have to settle here to travel to the big giant recycling bins...wherever they may be located! The newest are a couple towns over. So, I have some kitchen bags designated for all the recycled products, save the newspapers, for which, I have a spankin' new rubbermaid bin! Things have changed since I was last in recycleland... we don't have to separate the items! WOW~ I am still confused as to whether the plastic bottle caps are recycled. I have been throwing them away~ so let me know if that's not necessary any more. I have also spent a couple bucks and purchased more gusseted grocery bags which just ONE holds about 4 plastic grocery bags full of groceries! I LOVE THEM and encourage everyone to get some and REMEMBER to take them out of your car INTO the store before you shop! I have forgotten now on two occasions, but I'm getting better, even in my pre-old person state of mind!

I have some more sorority items up, too. Fun for all those lil' sis' items I hear actives are "highly encouraged" to purchase for initiation. When I inititated, I got an unforgettable blank, inscribed scrapbook! I filled it with fabulously fun pics of my college days and have it to this day. This was before all crazy scrapbooking phase began! I take full risk saying, "That was a simpler time." Now are liv in an era of being "too connected," as my buddy says, with the internet, i-phones, blogs, emails, blackberries, facebooks, and last but not least, bluetooth devices! I have no idea how to use many of these, but obviously, it's a necessity to know the basics!

Enjoy these, as I have had fun making them! I'm drawing these and coloring them in Photoshop. I like the results.

This is a 4.25" x 5.5" blank note card

Below is a notepad with twin anchors.. great for a lil sis gift!
Size is 4.25" x 5.5"

Another Personalized SooBoo Note Card. I like this font a lot!

Notepads can be personalized with your own wording!

Nice Flat Note Card on 80lb coverstock. A really great unasuming note card idea.

Another Photoshop colored but hand drawn lettering sorority note card.

Finally, I've been meaning to add some of those "other" sororities onto my site. Here is the Theta Arrow with scribble inside it. A modern feel to a simple arrow! Below is a personalized medium sized note card.

Great font on this new Kappa Alpha Theta Personalized Sorority Note Card

A medium sized Personalized Notepad for a Theta Pledge or Active

Peace Out~


Amy said...

The Theta symbol is not the arrow. Pi Beta Phi uses the arrow. Thetas use the kite.

Susie said...

Thank You, Amy!
I'm going to change that now. I appreciate you writing and letting me know~