Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Old Ideas, New Uses!

Years ago, one of my friends taught me how to make these precious pillow wreaths. Over the years, I have made several, but only for my own front door.
I would like to share these with you now.

First in line is the Valentine's Day Wreath. To my surprise, I found some of these bold prints at Hobby Lobby.. snatched them up and found some coordinating fabric elsewhere. The bold pinks, reds and soothing whites say love at your front door~!

Next is the Springtime/Easter Wreath. I used some left over pink fabric from the Valentine's Wreath because it was so perfect with these other fabulous bright fabrics! I especially love the green and white tie-dye fabric and the zigzag purple, pink and green fabric. Also, there is this totally springtime field of tulips fabric. It's a pure delight and will brighten anyone's front door.

Here is a delightful idea! I love bandannas. I put them around Rommels neck all the time.. We call them his clothes! When I spotted these blue and red bandanna fabrics and then found the blue and red ticking fabric, I knew I had a winning combination!

This black and white number was created because my son, whom I dragged to the fabric store while we were out and about, and I spotted this sheet music fabric. The more we looked the more excited I got about his idea to use this fabric to make a wreath. He thought one of the girls in his high school band might like the idea of hanging this in their room! The fabric is white and black. The dark pillows actually have a medium gray clef all over it. This dark fabric, I feel, grounds the wreath while pulling the whole thing together beautifully!

The new uses for these is a great idea my Realtor cousin had.. to purchase these as leave behinds to new buyers. These buyers in turn would remember the Realtor and recommend them to other prospective buyers! Super idea for some hard times with the housing market!

Then, I had a new facebook friend reminded me that I could do recycled pillow wreaths for Mom's who just can't part with some of her kid's baby clothes!
The idea is fun and new and what a great way to preserve the past.
On top of all that, as always, I, at SooBoo Designs, love to personalize your purchases. If there is a theme, holiday or color theme you would love to have me make up into a wreath for you child's room, I would be more than happy to make that happen. You know where to find me!


katydiddy said...

Great wreaths! I love how you always give ideas about how the could be used-like the realtor idea!

3 Peeps Designs said...

I love the wreaths! I have not seen anything like those before... you have succeeded in sucking me into your blog... I forgot what I was supposed to do online... oh well, I am sure it will come to me.