Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new look...

I have added some new look items to my repertoire!

Here's a new item I just put together today! Since I adored that recently made bookmark in LIZA with the brightly colored animal print, I just thought it would be fun to make it into a flat note card~ Let's see what you think!

Here are two great items for baby shower or new baby gifts~ The little pink flowers are so adorable and were hand drawn by me and placed digitally on the blank folded note card. I just love the color combination...the colors of my first bedroom's wallpaper! The pink swoosh of color around the name adds all the whimsy could hope for.

Babies and Toddlers need to say "Thanks" too!

Still going with the PINK theme~I've added a nice brown. Everyone loves their initial!

Giving you ideas! I can make any design of SooBoo's into any format. Here-a great way NOT to lose your luggage..or at least retrieve it easier! Front and back Luggage Bag Tags.

Luggage Bag tags come with coordinating ribbon of my discretion and a vinyl loop. These make wonderful gifts. Just $12 for one and 2 for $20!

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