Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hi People!
Long time, now see. I am well intentioned but never seem to get my thoughts together enough to get this blog rolling!

Ok.. I want to start by showing off some of my new summer invitations.

Below,are my Family Reunion Invitations. The top sample is custom with whatever you want the invitations to say. The bottom sample is a fill in the blanks so if you don't think you're clever, you can just write in the information. I would also be so happy to make it what you want!
Below is my new Block Party Invitation

I also have been trying to come up with something for the posh pet! Since I do these fun and vibrant bag tags for babies, for toddlers, tweens and college bound kids, why not do some for our pets! These are super for when you're out of town and must leave your furry 4-legged baby behind with a relative, friend, kennel or pet spa! The front has the name of your adorable creature done, of course, in SooBoo fashion. The back side has all the pet's information. You can put anything on there that is relevant to the animal's well being. My Tootsie is black and white, but she is as colorful a pooch as they come. So I elected to use alternating colors in the brightest that I have to offer. The little movement marks are because she's always active. I thought these made her name move like she does! These tags are backed up with coordinating paper and then laminated in a sturdy 3M pouch. I add whatever ribbons I have that go great with your pet's name art on the front for easy ID. It also comes with a vinyl loop to attach to the pet's travel bag (to hold toys, treats, etc) or if they're in a kennel, to attach onto the kennel's fence. It's really a fun idea. I hope it catches on!

Ok.. that's about it for now. I ought to have more later. It's hot enough out to keep me inside and work!
Thanks for looking!

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