Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some of my Favorites and New Shell Wreaths

I have been searching a lot and reading a lot of blogs that love to show what attracts them. I want to start doing this as well so show readers what handmade items are out there.. whether it be on, 1000 Markets, or Etsy.. there are so many amazing artisans who creating wonderful pieces.. one of a kinds, that make the most special, thoughtful and spectacular gifts you can imagine. When was the last time you recieved a handmade gift other than from your 2 year old? Here are some of my favorites!!

I joined 1000 Markets just about 4 days ago. I've been adding hand crafted items that I love. These latest items were made from shells my Aunt (Chipper- deceased- and from whom I got my endearing SooBoo nickname!) and my ever loving Mom who searches high and low for great deals and unique and lovely items for her home collected for years on end on the Floridan Atlantic shore. These shell wreaths are glued onto 6" grapevine wreath forms and are covered on the sides but not the back. They come with a small satin ribbon attached for easy hanging.

So..that's it! Look at my last post as well!
Love you all!



bijouxdesignsforyou said...

Great finds! I love the coffee clutch and that shell wreath is fantastic...I can't even imagine how long it took to make. Looking forward to seeing more of your finds!

3 Peeps Designs said...

I love the pin cushion, and then I saw the cuff links, awesome! Too bad I don't know anyone who wears cuff links. Great blog!