Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Football Season

I dont know about your husband, but I am so sick and tired of football being on our television ~ I could just croak. Although, I did have an order for NFL colors tied into two bag tags for two little boys who love the San Diego Chargers and the NC Panthers. I drew little footballs and used the colors of the teams, per the Mom who ordered them. The kids just love love love them and we're all happy.
And in case you haven't seen my superbowl party invites.. take a gander...
Below is a flat card invite.. blank on the back
comes with white or colored envelopes!

Below is the two-sided superbowl party invitation
The front has the cute SooBoo name art integrating the football seams in white.
The green is like the field.

Now below, is the back of the invitation and you just add your party information on the cute
fields provided!

Thanks everyone, and lets hope for a better basketball season.. GO UNC HARHEELS

UNC Tarheels Ram for a great Note Card gift idea~! Think Graduation!

I have been told that signing up and posting on Twitter and Digg is supposed to help business. So these are two things that I am trying to figure out how to do and then try to keep up with posting on them. Constantly, things need to be added, taken away and new focuses come up with the seasons! We're getting closer to spring. Here in NC, it hasn't been the lovliest of winters.. but it's a lot lot warmer and pleasant than my buddies in Michigan and Chicago are experiencing!


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