Monday, March 10, 2008

First Day of Play

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my new blog.
I always wondered where the word blog came from. I am not a big fan of the word, although, it's a way to get my website name out there in the world and hopefully increase business for SooBoo Designs! This is my first day of trying this out. It was recommended by my SEO (search engine optimizer) for whom I am grateful! Thanks, Tim~ I am feeling a little intimidated by it all, so I'll do my best.
Last week I played with a few new styles. I am aware that lots of spring and summer events are upcoming, so I need to add new designs for these events on my e-commerce site. I am trying out a bit more computer generated designs for party invitations. For instance, I entered a few BBQ invitations for summer parties. I like all of them since they are so different from each other in terms of color, placement and font style. I wonder though, if I should offer these invites in a larger format. The size as they are now is a standard A2 size of 4.25" x 5.5". I know a lot of personalized invitations are at least 5"x7". People like to find the biggest and fanciest, but my feeling is, as times get tougher, it makes better sense to go a bit smaller and save a bit of money. After all, one of my favorite quotes is, "If you show it, you owe it!" So, if anyone has feedback on this size thing (does size really matter?), please respond!

I have a wonderful and insightful friend who is trying to help promote my SooBoo personalized note cards and small personalized notepads as a package. Grouped together, these items create a very impressive and personal touch to give to new homeowners given by either their builder or their realtor! She came up with this great idea and I just love it. Like she says, builders and realtors are trying anything to keep business moving. A little personal touch added for new owners will help when a reference is given. "Oh, you should see what our builder left for us! I never thought they would have thought of something like that!" It certainly is WAY better than a pen with the builder's/realtors name on it, instead of the new homeowner's names! That is thinking out of the box! Thanks, Marnie! You are always challenging me and adding your two cents in, both literally and metaphorically! You rock!

I also want to let you guys out there know that I have done some business card and letterhead design. They turn out lovely. If you know anyone who needs a service like this, please pass on my name and or website; and we can go from there.

On a personal note, my talented clarinet playing son was accepted to play in the North Carolina All State Honors Band this April in Winston-Salem, NC! We got the amazing news last night and are so so so proud of him and his new accomplishment. His nerves are getting steelier daily when it comes to playing for auditions. I surely could not have done it at his age of 13. We love you, Dean!

Ok...I have to go and visit with his band director at school to make plans for WS. Thanks for reading and talk soon~ Susie

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